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Read short testimonials of people whose lives have been challenged,

changed and transformed by the Lord through The Sanctuary Conference meetings.




The Sanctuary Conference 2019

Stella's Story...

We had heard from a friend earlier in the year that she had been to the Sanctuary Conference a few years ago and how it had been a blessing to her. After booking in for the weekend, We were really looking forward to going to the conference very much, to be with brothers and sisters for the weekend and worship God together, to hear God’s word taught, and hopefully to hear God speaking to us personally. We were greeted very warmly by people who we knew from Bethesda Shalom and we met again some brothers and sisters whom we knew from other assemblies.

We were so very blessed by the ministry, by the times of prayer, praise and devotion. Actually Paul and I have said that we have not been to such a blessed conference. We’re sure that a lot of prayer time and organising took place. We believe that the LORD was pleased with what took place that weekend. He was with us all and He blessed us all abundantly. We could not have asked for or hoped for more. Thank you Lord and thank you, to everyone who worked to arrange the weekend and that continued to work through the weekend. We both really enjoyed the food and it was a blessing to catch up with brothers and sisters and meet with new ones. We had a lovely walk around the grounds too.

Through the last few months The Lord has been revealing to me my heart attitude, I thought that I was doing ok, moving along and growing. There were some occasions where I had been sulky, sharp, and angry. There was one occasion just a few days before the conference when I was suddenly quite angry inside towards Paul, I cannot even remember why or what it was about (how bad is that!) Well I was angry and I poked Paul in his back with my finger, I haven’t done this before and I hope to not do it again. Paul said to me “ouch! That wasn’t very kind” I did say I am sorry, but where did it come from?

On the Friday evening of the Sanctuary conference, although I was happy to be there I felt flat and I was surprised! after looking forward to the week end so much. It did start to go away after the ministry of both Paul and Brian and the praise and worship. It did puzzle me though, because it is not a common feeling for me. The Saturday morning time of devotion was so beautiful, as was all of the time of prayer and worship. Personally I was blessed to see both Paul and Brian humble themselves and bowing the knees. As far as I remember we have never seen that with both of God’s ministers. During the Saturday afternoon God was clearly shining His light into my heart, deep in there where a root of bitterness was, where unforgiveness was hiding and pride was strong. Humble yourselves, humility, light, darkness and pride, submission to God, higher ground, almost holy, the humility of Christ, without holiness no one shall see the Lord; all of this was speaking to me. I felt absolutely wretched and tears just flowed as they have not flowed for years. The Lord had gently been revealing my deep rooted sin of bitterness towards my husband Paul. I now know that it was over two particular hurts from years ago; not really major happenings but caused me pain when I remembered them. I do believe this was the cause of my attitude and giving Paul a poke in his back. God was definitely shining his light into that dark place.


At the end of the ministry talk, I turned to Paul and said I was so sorry and asked him to forgive me and I really meant it. I know that God did something that afternoon, He forgave me and He took the knot of bitterness out of me and replaced it with His love. Though my eyes were very sore, my heart felt lightness and this has continued on. I feel a love towards Paul that is a blessing to us both. Paul has told me he can see a difference in me. I talked through those two events with Paul and he has said he is sorry to me and understands the pain I had. Six weeks on from the conference and we are looking into humility as a study. We have seen so many scriptures that speak about humbling ourselves. We have also purchased Andrew Murrays book on humility.  Paul has said for many years that he believes that the root of every sin is pride. How loving and gracious and merciful and long-suffering and kind and gentle our Lord is with us.

To God be the glory!! Thank you Lord.






The Sanctuary Conference 2019

Tom's Story...



2019 was the first year as a family we had attended The Sanctuary Conference titled 'Higher Ground'. After reaching out to a few people and praying for God's direction, I was invited to attend this conference, but declined at first. Despite another engagement that clashed with the conference, God kept bringing it to the forefront of my mind. I knew He wanted my family and I to be there. I was feeling so lost in my Christian experience from seeing the apathy and coldness across so many churches. I've been given the opportunity to be involved in ministry and am left saddened at what i've experienced. We desperately need reviving, we need the outpouring of his Holy Spirit, especially upon those that lead and teach.


By the Grace of God he has been changing my heart, calling me to pursue Holiness and showing me that, what cost God so much in his son Jesus can not be cheap for us! Never ever in my 12 yrs of being a Christian have I ever been in an assembly of brothers and sisters so desperate for the Lord to speak and minister to us. Praise the Lord, He did! God indeed spoke through the humble in heart and in His Mercy He is calling us up to higher ground! I came not knowing what to expect, but God has changed our family for the better by his grace and mercy. Our hearts very much long to be with you all again next year, God willing.

Tom Hayley Fenn and Eli

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