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Friday 25th August (*Do not arrive before 4:00 pm)

4:00 pm                Registration

5:00 pm                 Prayer and Welcome  

5:15 pm                 Sermon 

6:30 pm                 Buffet Dinner (1hr 30mins)

7:30 pm                 Prayer meeting

8:00 pm                 Worship

8:30 pm                 Sermon 

Saturday 26th August

7:30 pm                 Morning devotion

8:30 am                 Breakfast

9:45 am                 Worship

10:15 am               Sermon 

11:30 am               Tea Break (45mins)

12:15 pm               Sermon 

1:30 pm                 Lunch Break (2hrs 30mins)

4:00 pm                 Video

4:15 pm                 Sweet Hour of Prayer / Youth Ministry

5:15 pm                 Dinner (2hrs 15mins)

7:00 pm                 Prayer meeting

7:30 pm                 Worship

8:00 pm                 Sermon 

Sunday 27th August

7:30 pm                 Morning devotion

8:30 am                 Breakfast

9:30 am                 Worship

10:00 am               Sermon 

11:15 am               Tea Break (30mins)

11:45 pm               Video

12:00 pm               Concert of Prayer 

1:00 pm                 Dinner (1hr 30mins)

2:30 pm                 Sermon 

4:00 pm                 Finish

The meetings that are in red are additional meetings that are optional.                

*Please do not arrive on Friday 25th August before 4:00 pm. 

**Please note: this schedule is only a guide and is subject to change without prior notice.



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