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A Grain of Wheat - Major Ian Thomas






Major Ian Thomas (1914 - 2007) was a compelling Evangelical writer, theological teacher and founder of the Torchbearers bible schools. These schools are now world-wide in many countries and provide a teaching base on the person of Christ in the believer and basic Biblical exposition of Bible books.

Among the many books that he wrote, the most influential have been: "The Saving Life Of Christ" , "The mystery of godliness" and "If I perish, I Perish." His burden in ministry was to express and show the indwelling life of Christ in believers and the rest and power that life will have in us as we trust and have faith.




Where in the life of Christ was one hour of more significance than another? Throughout the New Testament we read of occasions when Jesus' enemies tried to kill him, but were prevented because "His hour had not yet come." What is this "hour" of which the Scriptures speak? Major Ian Thomas says, "It is the hour without which the Lord Jesus would have been born to live in vain." He uses John 12:24, in several translations, to describe the hour on which our salvation rests.

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