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Finished With The World - Keith Daniel






Keith Daniel of Cape Town, South Africa is an evangelist with the African Evangelistic Band. He travels extensively across South Africa preaching the Word of God, and also lectures at Glenvar Bible College in Cape Town. He has made over twenty tours to North America over the past two decades.

Brother Keith has a passion to preach God's uncompromising Word to this generation and calls out to pastors and theologians of our day to believe God's truth over man's reason. He has preached in many conventions including SermonIndex Conferences in the last five years.




There is something very potent and powerful about this message. Its one of Keith Daniels first visits to America and this message calls for a great consecration and call back to apostolic Chrisitanity in our daily practice. Are you finished with the world? Don't listen to this message unless you are willing to be impacted and changed in very powerful way..

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