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When God Stepped Down - Duncan Campbell






Used of God in the Hebrides revival in Scotland in the 1950's where the presence of God was manifest in a powerful way. In this later years he became the principal of the Faith Mission Bible College.

His burden was for revival in the Church and also holiness in daily Christian experience. He clearly shared the burden of the Lord for His body to be purified in the last days. He preached the true baptism of the Spirit that makes men holy in light of a Holy God.




Oh, what a need today of anointed Holy Ghost preaching like this! Revival cannot come when there is sin in the camp--the church. Let preachers beware too, for Campbell lifted up his voice like a trumpet as a watchman: "Preaching truth without the anointing of the Holy Ghost is helping the devil to damn souls." "Surely, surely our crying need is for a Pentecostal visitation." Mr. Campbell's words sound as distant thunder and are as applicable to our day as it was when preached forty years ago!

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